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3519 Miskolc, Miskolctapolcai út 35.

tel./fax: 06-46/422-187

e-mail: info@florapanzio.hu

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Thank you for paying attention to someone honored and hope
As a result of that election spent eventful days
spas, our city is famous for its hospitality and guest house.

Pension Flora team


1. The service name: Szinva-Play Kft.

2. The service principal place of business: 3519 Miskolc, Miskolctapolcai út 35.

3. Availability of service: 46/422-187 info@florapanzio.hu

4. The authority has registered provider: Miskolc Court of Registration

5. VAT number: 12475780-2-05 

6. Company registration number: Cg: 05-09-008288

7. Chamber membership: None

8. The hosting provider Data: Web-Server Kft. 4001 Debrecen, Pf. 526.
E-mail: info@web-server.hu
Phone: 06 (52) 541-346
Mobile: 06 (20) 335-11-62
Fax: 06 (52) 998-452

Privacy Policy

The SZINVA-PLAY Ltd. (hereinafter: Data Manager). Handles online sales activities in relation to the registered users' personal data only for the purpose of execution of orders, and in order to fulfill obligations related to settlement (billing).

Just to use any personal data which is essential for the realization of the objective of data management and appropriate to achieving the objective. The personal information will be kept only to the extent and duration necessary to achieve that purpose.

The Data Manager protect the personal data of registered users all expected to be treated.

The data manager Address: 3519 Miskolc, Miskolctapolcai Street 35th
The controller contact: Phone: 06-46 / 422-187 E-mail:  info@florapanzio.hu

The legal basis of data management: senior official in 2011. the law of self-determination right of freedom of information § 5, paragraph (1) and a) The contribution of the question.

Contributing to data management: At the registration users specifically consent to it voluntarily provided personal information management.

The range of stakeholders: users registered

The scope of managed data stated by the registered users during the registration process is necessary in order to fulfill data: name, contact information (phone, email), Billing Address

The information is intended: to fulfill your orders and billing.

possible controllers person entitled to inspect the data:
- The SZINVA-PLAY Ltd. et al.

Duration of data management: the personal data stored electronically will be deleted within 30 days after completion of the order.

The customer can request the data controller
- Processing of their personal data information,
- Correction of personal information,
- Erasure or blocking of personal data.

If you have previously sent an order, the order will be sent at the time of the valid data are attached. Ordering information linked to personal data, their modification or deletion of the data controller in person, by phone or e-mail can initiate.

The controller in the shortest time from the filing of the application, but not later than within 10 days, in a comprehensible form, the registered user's request to do so will give you the information in writing. If registered user request found to be legitimate, it shall immediately arrange for personal data corrected or deleted.

If registered user is not satisfied with the response of the controller, the right to protection of personal data validate his claim before civil court, and the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (www.naih.hu/kapcsolat.html) occur.

A senior official in 2011. the law of self-determination and the right to freedom of information, see national legislation (www.njt.hu)